Journal No. 3


This journal discusses and provides research into the contemporary role of abstraction. It presents reactions, statements, and speculations in word and image on the topic of a panel entiled Being and Becoming. The journal includes material by both AAA members and non-members.American Abstract Artists Journal, Number 3, 1999, 60 pages

Journal No. 3 / AAA Journal: Being and Becoming


In Memoriam: Helen Soreff
Stephen Westfall
Lilly Wei
Jeanne C. Wilkinson
Véronique Fóti
Mac Wells
Katinka Mann
Beatrice Riese
Peter Stroud
Peter Pinchbeck
Clement Meadmore
Tom Evans
Richard Pugliese
Joan Webster Price

Vincent Longo
John Plumb
Daniel Hill
Edwin Ruda
Marthe Keller
Cecily Kahn
Susanna Tanger
James Gross
Ward Jackson
James Little
James Juszczyk
Power Boothe
Rosalind Hodgkins
Thornton Willis
Stewart Hitch