Journal No. 1


On October 6, 1996, American Abstract Artists presented a panel discussion entitled Abstract / Meaning at the Museum of African Art in New York City. This journal was published to continue the discussion and exchange of ideas presented in the panel about the relationship between abstraction and meaning.American Abstract Artists Journal, Number 1, 1996, 34 pages

Journal No. 1 / AAA Journal: Abstract / Meaning


Up and going…, 1996, by Esphyr Slobodkina

Statements from the Panel Members

Beauty is an Abstract Word, by David Row
Notes from a Panel Discussion on Abstraction and Meaning, by Susanna Tanger
Notes for Meaning/Abstract Panel, by Peter Pinchbeck
Abstract/Meaning: Notes for and from Panel, by Marthe Keller
Notes on Abstract/Meaning, by Power Boothe

Statements from the Audience

Abstract/Meaning, from the Audience, by John Goodyear
Abstract/Meaning, by Edwin Ruda
Pages from My Working Journal: Recent Questions to Myself, by Peter Stroud
Real Presence, A Search for Meaning in Abstract Art, by James Juszczyk
A Treatise on Abstraction, by Michael D. Hamilton

Statements from the Field

Notes in Preparation for an Exhibition and Lecture at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 1992, by Mac Wells
What Abstraction Means to Me, by James Gross