These editions were produced at the Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, New Brunswick, NJ.



AAA 60th Anniversary Print Portfolio

This portfolio was published in 1997 by the American Abstract Artists in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the AAA consisting of original lithographs by 40 artists with an introduction by Stephen Westfall.

The prints in this portfolio were produced in editions of 100 with ten more prints designated as A/P reserved for each artist, and five archival impres- sions. Each print was signed and numbered by the artist. The paper is white Somerset velvet, 250 grams, and the size of each print is 9 3/4 x 12 3/4 inches. The portfolio is presented in an archival, handmade tray box.

  • Alice Adams, Screen
  • Richard Anuszkiewicz, Concentric II
  • Will Barnet, Duluth
  • Power Boothe, Gait
  • Naomi Boretz, Trifolium
  • Marvin Brown, The Well House
  • Kenneth Bushnell, E.D.C: Untitled
  • Jean Cohen, Spleee
  • Ruth Eckstein, Slospeed XXX
  • Gabriele Evertz, Heraldic Tinctures
  • Helen Gilbert, Untitled
  • John Goodyear, This Page
  • James Gross, Forms in Space
  • Paul Heald, Multilift
  • Clinton Hill, Across
  • Ward Jackson, Transverse
  • James Juszczyk, Prime Inclusion
  • Marthe Keller, Fautrice Finale
  • Ibram Lassaw, Vortex
  • Jane Logemann, Letter-Hebrew-1997
  • Vincent Longo, Untitled
  • Katinka Mann, Untitled
  • Nancy Manter, Transmission
  • Hiroshi Murata, Behind the Door
  • Clement Meadmore, Two Identical Units Joined in Eight Ways
  • Mary Obering, Variations
  • Lucio Pozzi, The Grass Maze
  • Joan Webster Price, To Mars and Beyond
  • Raquel Rabinovich, State of Gray
  • Leo Rabkin, Words on Edge
  • Beatrice Riese, Rimac
  • Ce Roser, Millenium Moment
  • Irene Rousseau, Crescendo
  • James Seawright, Kansas City
  • Louis Silverstein, Black Square Reflection
  • Esphyr Slobodkina, Black and White Variation
  • Peter Stroud, Sans
  • Wilfred Graf Schwerin Van Krosigk, Untitled
  • Mac Wells, Sound-PM
  • Stephen Westfall, Untitled