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American Abstract Artists Journal

AAA began publishing the American Abstract Artists Journal in 1996. The American Abstract Artists Journals contain critical writings and reproductions of artwork contributed by artists, critics, historians, members and non-members alike. The AAA Journal acts as a forum for the presentation of ideas and topics, and to further the discussion and research into the contemporary role of abstraction.

The American Abstract Artists Journal gives voice to the community of abstract artists by creating a forum for both AAA members and non-members, and the wider community of historians and critics to present new work and the exchange of ideas. It opens and expands a critical dialogue, and creates opportunities to examine and evaluate the challenges to artists working in an abstract idiom.


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American Abstract Artists Journal: Past/Present
Number 6, 2023
88 pages, color
$20.00 or free download

journal5American Abstract Artists Journal: On Edge
Number 5, 2006
144 pages, color


journal4American Abstract Artists Journal: Abstract Dilemmas
Number 4, 2000
62 pages


journal3American Abstract Artists Journal: Being and Becoming
Number 3, 1999
60 pages


American Abstract Artists Journal: Reflections on Mondrianjournal2
Number 2, 1997
90 pages


To Order Journals Numbers 2 – 5, as a set

American Abstract Artists Journal: Abstract/Meaningjournal1
Number 1, 1996
34 pages
Journal Number 1 is currently out of stock.