The edition was printed in Paris, France by Atelier Franck Bordas, Lithographie, 7 rue Princess, Paris 75006. It is printed in black ink on Arches Vellum, 200 grams.



AAA 50th Anniversary Print Portfolio

This edition consists of 44 original lithographs. Each print has been individually signed and numbered by the artist. The prints were produced in editions of 140 and are dated 1986 and 1987. Print size is 9 3/4 x 12 3/4 inches.

More information about this print portfolio can be found in “American Abstract Artists Celebrate the First Fifty Years” by Franz Geierhaas from the Journal of the Print World, Vol. 10, No. 3, Summer 1987.

This portfolio consists of prints by the following members of AAA:

  • L. Alcopley, Somewhere
  • Richard Anuszkiewicz, Trans’lumina Graphic
  • Will Barnet, Big Grey
  • Naomi Boretz, Floating Landscape
  • Jean Cohen, Splot
  • Robert Conover, Window
  • Nassos Daphnis, PL-1-87
  • Ruth Eckstien, Portals
  • Suzy Frelinghuysen, Composition
  • Vito Giacalone, Untitled-M-II
  • Helen Gilbert, Study for Square Dancer
  • Heidi Gluck, Untitled
  • John Goodyear, Drawings
  • James Gross, Variations on a Square
  • Paul Heald, Darts
  • Budd Hopkins, Untitled
  • Ward Jackson, Transit III
  • James Juszczyk, Haiku Clouds
  • Harold Krisel, Prisme
  • Leroy Lamis, Untitled: Computer-Generated Image
  • Ibram Lassaw, Arachne
  • Jane Logemann, Untitled
  • Vincent Longo, Untitled
  • Oscar Magnan, Orient Express
  • Katinka Mann, Black/White
  • Jeanne Miles, Circle, Square and Triangle
  • Brenda Miller, Strata
  • Hiroshi Murata, Untitled
  • Judith Murray, Untitled
  • Mary Obering, Untitled
  • Henry Pearson, Detail
  • Lucio Pozzi, Two Codes
  • Joan Webster Price, Tower Fantasy
  • Raquel Rabinovich, P/C
  • Leo Rabkin, Trellis
  • Ce Roser, Point to Point
  • Irene Rousseau, Interweaving Rhythms
  • James Seawright, Philadelphia
  • Louis Silverstein, Crucible
  • Esphyr Slobodkina, Variations in Black and White
  • Helen Soreff, Dead Dog on a Beach Series
  • Peter Stroud, Two Systems
  • Merrill Wagner, Aarka
  • Mac Wells, Square