Portfolios At A Glance



American Abstract Artists has published four print portfolios since it was founded. AAA published the first in 1937 for its first exhibition. The second was the 50th Anniversary Print Portfolio, in 1987, and third was for the 60th Anniversary in 1997. The fourth was published in 2012 for the 75th Anniversary of American Abstract Artists.

American Abstract Artists Print Portfolios are held in over 75 museum, university and library collections internationally. They have been exhibited in museums and prints from the portfolios have also been included in curated shows.

ART in Embassies Exhibitions

Prints from the AAA 50th Anniversary Print Portfolio have been included in ongoing ART in Embassies Exhibitions in 2011 at the United States Consulate Tijuana, Mexico; and in 2007 at the United States Embassy Nassau, The Bahamas. The Office of ART in Embassies, under the U.S. Department of State, curates temporary and permanent exhibitions for the representational spaces of all U.S. chanceries, annexes, consulates, and embassy residences worldwide. ART in Embassies Exhibitions provide international audiences, many of whom might never travel to the U.S., to personally experience the depth and breadth of the artistic heritage of the United States.

The ART in Embassies Exhibition at the U.S. Embassy in Nassau was predominately abstract prints. 10 prints were selected from the 50th Anniversary Print Portfolio for that exhibition. Exhibiting artists: Richard Anuszkiewicz (AAA), Nassos Daphnis (AAA), Budd Hopkins (AAA), James Juszczyk (AAA), Ellsworth Kelly, Harold Krisel (AAA), Ibram Lassaw (AAA), Eleanore B. Lazarof, Roy Lichtenstein, Brenda Miller (AAA), Robert Motherwell, Hiroshi Murata (AAA), Joel Shapiro, Esphyr Slobodkina (AAA), Helen Soreff (AAA), Linda Touby.