On Balance: New Work by American Abstract Artists

On Balance:
New Work by American Abstract Artists
Curated by Mary Birmingham

Art Cake, Brooklyn, NY
April 15 – May 14, 2023

On Balance:
New Work by American Abstract Artists

Art Cake, Brooklyn, NY, April 15 – May 14, 2023

American Abstract Artists is pleased to announce a show of recent work by its members at ART CAKE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The exhibition features a selection of abstract and non-objective works, in a variety of media, by a multi-generational group of member artists. This show represents the most recent iteration of AAA’s 87 year tradition of group shows and, as such, the continuation of an important living tradition in abstract art.

Works have been selected by independent curator Mary Birmingham, who states:

This feels like a pivotal moment for American Abstract Artists—for both the organization and its individual members. These artists are working in the midst of a changing world, faced with global upheaval, social change, and political unrest, while at the same time considering the past, present, and future of the organization. In thinking about the weight of this moment (and the desire to create a cohesive show from a varied cohort of artists), I was struck by the need for balance. There is comfort in the idea that evenly distributing disparate elements enables someone or something to remain upright and steady. As we collectively search for a new sense of equilibrium for our times, I wanted to know from the members of AAA: on balance, how are you doing? And more importantly, what are you doing?

Featured Artists:

Alice Adams • Liz Ainslie • Steven Alexander • Emily Berger • Jeffrey Bishop • Susan Bonfils • Marvin Brown • Jacob Cartwright • James Clark • Gabriele Evertz • Laurie Fendrich • Joanne Freeman • Cris Gianakos • Gary Golkin • Gail Gregg • James Gross • Lynne Harlow • Carl E. Hazlewood • Mara Held • Pinkney Herbert • Daniel G. Hill • Gilbert Hsiao • Rhia Hurt • Julian Jackson • James Juszczyk • Cecily Kahn • Marthe Keller • Iona Kleinhaut • Victor Kord • Jane Logemann • Stephen Maine • Nancy Manter • Joanne Mattera • Creighton Michael • Manfred Mohr • Judith Murray • Lisa Nanni • Jim Osman • Rob de Oude • John Phillips • Corey Postiglione • Lucio Pozzi • Raquel Rabinovich • Ce Roser • Irene Rousseau • Cordy Ryman • Lorenza Sannai • Karen Schifano • Mary Schiliro • Claire Seidl • Edward Shalala • Susan Smith • Melissa Staiger • Li Trincere • Kim Uchiyama • Don Voisine • Stephen Westfall • Jeanne Wilkinson • Mark Williams • Thornton Willis • Patricia Zarate • Nola Zirin



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A print edition will be available shortly. Please check back in a week.
On Balance: New Work by American Abstract Artists
Perfect bound | 8¼″ x 10¾″ | 92 pages | Essay by Mary Birmingham

Exhibition Checklist

Installation Views

photos: Daniel G. Hill