Galerie oqbo and Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin, Germany

American Abstract Artists International/75th Anniversary

May 14 – June 18, 2011

American Abstract Artists International/75th Anniversary

This two-part exhibition took place in both the Galerie oqbo and in the Projektraum at the Deutsche Künstlerbund. The exhibition presented works from 75 American and German artists, and offered an overview of different contemporary manifestations of abstract art. The works of the American Abstract Artists were complemented by a selection of ten works each by the Galerie oqbo (from the Paperfile collection) and the Deutsche Künsterlbund.

The idea of the colored band on the walls was to unify the spaces of the two separate venues and, because most of the work is similar in size, to alter the appearance of the show as a row of equal sized patches evenly spaced on the wall.

American Abstract Artists International / 75th Anniversary was a continuation of the 2010 AAA exhibition in Italy at the Aragonese Castle of Otranto. A brochure was produced for the American Abstract Artists International exhibitions, with an essay by Lucio Pozzi in three languages.

Exhibiting artists include Degenhard Andrulat, Kirstin Arndt, Martin Ball, Michael Bause, Siri Berg, Emily Berger, Christian Bilger, Susan Bonfils, Sharon Brant, Henry Brown, James O. Clark, Mark Dagley, Matthew Deleget, Ruth Eckstein, Frank Eltner, Gabriele Evertz, Andreas Exner, James Geccelli, Heidi Gluck, Thomas Grochowiak, James Gross, Lynne Harlow, Mara Held, Daniel G. Hill, Gilbert Hsiao, Ben Hübsch, Phillis Ideal, Julian Jackson, Michael Jäger, Susanne Jung, James Juszczyk, Cecily Kahn, Steve Karlik, Marthe Keller, Victor Kord, Irene Lawrence, Dirk Lebahn, Seraphina Lenz, Mon Levinson, Jane Logemann, Vincent Longo, David Mackenzie, Stephen Maine, Katinka Mann, Nancy Manter, Bertold Mathes, Rossana Martínez, Creighton Michael Klaus Merkel, Manfred Mohr, Maria Morganti, Judith Murray, John Phillips, Lucio Pozzi, Leo Rabkin, David Reed, David Rhodes, Ce Roser, Irene Rousseau, David Row, Jo Schöpfer, Edward Shalala, Anita Stöhr Weber, Richard Timperio, Clover Vail, Don Voisine, Merrill Wagner, Stephen Westfall, Jeanne Wilkinson, Mark Williams, Thornton Willis, Renate Wolff, Kes Zapkus, Julia Ziegler, Nola Zirin

Exhibition Events in Berlin

May 13, 2011
Opening Evening, 7pm at both locations. Gallery Tour led by Katherine Wolf begins in Galerie oqbo at 8pm.

May 21, 2011
Artist talk and Gallery Tour led by Katherine Wolf: A dialogue between the Artists on exhibit begins in the Galerie oqbo, to be concluded with artist talk in the Projektraum at the Deutsche Künstlerbund, as part of a nationwide event organized by the German Culture Council to promote the arts.

May 25, 2011
Reading at Gallery oqbo, part of the Philosophy Series. Marie Luise Knott, Verlernen: Denkwege bei Hannah Arendt, Introduction: Andreas Rötzer.

June 17, 2011
Gallery Tour led by Katherine Wolf begins in the Projektraum at the Deutsche Künstlerbund.

June 18, 2011
Concert in Galerie oqbo, Manfred Miersch – Klangkonstruktion 2.0.