Daniel Hill Statement

2012 AAA 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio Statement

by Daniel G. Hill, Portfolio Project Director

This is the first digitally produced portfolio published by American Abstract Artists. All past portfolios–1937, 1987, 1997–were produced using various forms of lithography and means of transferring image to plate. Unlike traditional printmaking, the digital inkjet process does not involve a physical matrix from which ink is transferred to paper. This marks both a technical and a conceptual shift in printmaking. Our choice of the medium situates this portfolio squarely in the current century and is an indication of the group’s forward momentum.

The artists were asked to provide a digital file meeting predetermined specifications, yet no restrictions were placed on how the file could be created. The digital process enabled a wide variety of approaches that include abstract and documentary photography, scanning of flat-work made expressly for the project, digital compositing and image manipulation, as well as the use of vector-based software and hand-coded algorithms. The results are as varied as the artists’ individual sensibilities and embody the group’s inclusiveness described in Robert Storr’s introduction.

On behalf of the artists, I would like to thank Don Voisine for his guidance and support through all phases of the project; Clover Vail for her financial management of the project; Gail Gregg, James Juszczyk and Steve Karlik for guiding many of the artists through the initial phases; Linda and James Clark, Creighton Michael, Katinka Mann, Julian Jackson, Emily Berger, Phillis Ideal, Gail Gregg and Don Voisine for their tireless work collating the prints; Aron Louis Cohen, my studio assistant, for his technical research and preparation of support materials provided to the artists; and Brendan Carney and Elizabeth Haberkorn at Supreme Digital for their expertise, good judgement and tireless dedication to the project.

The project was funded by the participating artists. Additional funding was provided by The Golden Rule Foundation and The Faculty Research Fund of the Office of the Provost, The New School.

Daniel G. Hill
Portfolio Project Director